Tired of the clones?

We're all tired of the pre-made servers opened by server owners with no dedicated developer. They open for 1 to 2 months, then close down because they receive no updates and bug fixes. ROFL is developed and managed by a team of hardcore RO players in the past. We know what works and what players love.

Server Details

Small guild? No problem!

A lot of 255/120 servers tend to favor guilds that are larger in numbers. With a reduced guild cap and several class balancing modifications, ROFL is the perfect place to showcase your talent as a RO player even if you don't have a lot of members in your guild.

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Ready to get started?

We're glad you're willing to try playing ROFL! All you have to do to jump in and play is to create your game account and download the latest game client.

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To play ROFL, you only have to download the Full Installer. You can play for free with your friends!

Full Installer

This contains all of the files you need to play ROFL. For the smoothest possible experience, run this installer.

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Mini Installer

If you have a data.grf file and you know what you're doing, extract these files.

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